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Why Companies choose PowerX2011™ ?

The advantages of a good communication system like PowerX2011™ telecom server are manifold.   It not only saves on operational costs, it also increases staff productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue.

No one can ignore the real benefits of having a unified all-in-one and one-stop comprehensive solution instead of messy multi-vendor and multi-subsystems solution.

No one can ignore or forget the benefits of having a reliable system and communication infrastructure that gives them peace of mind and confidence to focus on their business without having to worry about system incompatibility, capacity, limited resources, downtime, etc which badly impacting the business and quality of service ...

Everyone hopes to eliminate the common problems and headaches of facing multi-vendor solutions and supports. That is why the PowerX2011™ is successfully known as not only a powerful, unified and intelligent communication server/platform but also a real, powerful and cost-effective business solution.

The benefit are as follows:

reduced initial and operation costs (cost effective solution)

increased revenue

powerful features to serve different divisional/departmental requirements

great flexibility in meeting dynamic business requirements

establishes a communication infrastructure that supports strategic growth

faster and more efficient customer service

reduce service transaction turnaround time

increased customer satisfaction due to improved customer service quality

extended operation hours

higher level of referral and repeat business

increased productivity and performance

improved employee morale

split the PowerX2011™ telecom server resources into two systems should there be a need to relocate a major division without compromising the features

extends customer contact points such as linking of the corporate website to customer service agents through voice over IP calls and web chat.


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