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GrowHill® International is a high-tech Canadian based Worldwide Company with years of successful experiences in R&D, Design and Production of Advanced Telecommunications, Computer Telephony, Voice-Over-IP, Video and integrated CRM products as well as CTI and Contact Center applications. GrowHill® International is now known as a well-established leader who has brought a revolution in the industry with its proven high-tech, unique, powerful and highly reliable products and solutions.
It operates in United States, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Australia through various subsidiaries, strategic partners and distributors.

We realized that in today's complex and tremendously competitive business world where businesses are enormously facing millions of crucial transactions, processes and data flows, successful business decisions and policies are become much more complex and difficult than ever. It very much depends on how well, easy and fast all these huge business data can be analyzed and turned to a real-time easy to access multi-dimensional information system to help both management and operation. On the other hand, businesses need a very good and comprehensive infrastructure to support the business. Therefore, a real business solution is the one, which provides and seamlessly integrates these two important business requirements, together.
As business is dynamic, a real business solution should be also highly flexible and upgradeable in order to adapt to the new business requirements, accordingly. Further more, it should be cost-effective and affordable too.
There were a lot to consider and we soon realized that to create a real business solution and to give businesses what they wish to have, we should have looked at our R&D and Solutions from all important business aspects. We should have a totally different R&D structure consist of strong and experienced people from business analysts & management, economy & financial analysts, system analysts, scientists, highly technical and R&D specialists and HR. Therefore, unlike most other technology based companies we carefully formed our R&D team with top people from all these sectors, then we started exploring the ideas and putting the things together and go on …
In order to achieve our vision we have had a very complex scenarios ahead specially in technology side and creating hardware and electronic devices which could be powerful but flexible enough in order to be easily customizable and provide new functionalities by just a simple process of firmware (software) upgrade. This is what we call open-design technology.
Finally, with the intelligent use and integration of complex, powerful and highly advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Micro-Processing technologies and our unique design of powerful firmware based System-On-Chip Electronics and Digital Devices, GrowHill could successfully produce powerful yet fully upgradeable and flexible digital hardware and on top of that high-tech and unified (all-in-one) yet simplified and highly flexible products and solutions that are easily upgradeable by new software download !
This methodology amazingly protect our customers' investment and provide them with the most high-tech, customizable and cost effective infrastructure and business solutions that meet their very specific exacting business requirements and most importantly, will always stay up-to-date through-out their long lifespan.
That's why GrowHill has become amazingly successful. We are pleased to provide a real business solution not just a complex product that represents newer technologies.
Join us to feel the difference and see how easy and successful your business can be tomorrow !

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