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The PowerX2011™ Intelligent Multimedia Communication Server represents the new generation of Integrated PABX that is built based on all the latest technological advancements in Telecommunication, Computer Telephony and IT.

It combines all the individual features available in a sophisticated PABX solution including all its sub-systems and integrates them into a single product. It is highly portable and can be deployed for different environments like offices, hotels, Contact Centers, manufacturing plants, Army, Civil Defence, Police Force, etc.

It is the smallest unified lunchbox Multimedia Communications Server, iPABX, Call Center Innovations and CTI Server on the market accommodating all-in-one advanced telecommunications, computer telephony, IP and networking technologies including a 15" super TFT LCD screen for a truly satisfying viewing experience.

All-in one features in compact chassis and comes integrated with POP3/SMTP compliant e-mail server

Carefully designed with the user in mind, this rugged and user-friendly platform can be used indoors or outdoors depending on the application requirement. It is an ideal portable and powerful all-in-one platform for your Disaster Recovery Planning and Solution.

It also comes with powerful Dual Intel® Pentium processors, Ultra-320 fast SCSI drives, Dual 10/100 Base LAN and TCP/IP Interfaces and Dual Internal 56Kb/s Modems. It runs on the Windows® 2009 Server operating system and is equipped with MS-SQL® 2009, MS-Access® 2009 and MySQL® Database Servers as well as powerful SMTP/POP3 compliant Email Server, Anti-Virus software and built-in Firewall for high security and protections. Therefore, it can simultaneously be used as Database Server, Application Server, Internet and Web Server, Files and Printers Server, Email Server, Multimedia Communications Server, iPABX, Contact Center Innovations/Solution and CTI Server.

It amazingly provides you with all you need for your disaster recovery planning in a single, unified, powerful and highly reliable and portable/mobile platform!

Its compact size and powerful communication features make it an ideal and the most cost-effective solution for deployment as a backup integrated PABX and Call Center solution.

Benefit of Disaster Recovery
  • It can simultaneously be used as Database Server, Application Server, Internet and Web Server, Files and Printers Server, Email Server, Multimedia Communications Server, iPABX, Contact Center Innovations/Solution and CTI Server.
  • Compact and all-in-one telecommunication features ensure minimal switchover and turn-on time. Companies are able to transport PowerX2011™ Communication Server to anywhere in the world and set-up a fully functional advanced integrated PABX and Contact Center solution within 15 minutes.
  • Advanced Contact Center features/facilities like ACD, IVRs and conversation recording in one-system ensures cost-effective investment, as there is no multi-vendor involvement and no multi-system integration.
  • Supports up to 128 extensions in one-box and able to cascade to 5,000 extension and trunk ports. Ideal for meeting all the telecommunication requirements of a mid-sized company to large companies and organizations.
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface driven Administrator Module allows IT or network staff to configure all the advanced PABX/Contact Center features within a few minutes. Configuration can also be done remotely and this minimizes the reliance on technical support from vendors.
  • Remote/Mobile user features enable office workers to work from home and still enjoy all telecommunication features as if they are sitting in the office.
  • Easy-to-configure announcement services/information line facilities ensure smooth delivery of announcements to customers in the event of an emergency.
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    (W x H x D): 405 x 305 x 210 mm (16" x 12" x18")


    9.8 kg (22 lbs) without accessories/telephony cards

    PABX Switching

    Advanced PABX switching capabilities like call hold, call transfer (internal and external), IDD call restrictions, CallerID, etc.

    Line Type

    Analog CO Lines / ISDN -Basic / ISDN - PRI

    Maximum Number of Ports

    Single Unit supports up to 128 extension ports. Scalable up to 5,000 extensions and trunk ports by cascading multiple systems.

    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

    Software based ACD. No limit to the number of ACD groups that can be created

    Digital Conversation Recording

    12,000 hours digital conversation recording. Supports concurrent recording for all extension ports.

    Interactive Voice Response System (IVRs)

    Integrated multi-level IVRS with multi-lingual options.Integrates with any ODBC compliant back-end system

    Unified Messaging (voice-mail, e-mail, fax)

    Single mailbox access for storing voice-mail, fax-mail, e-mail. Mailbox is accessible via PC or telephone

    On-line Call Statistics and Call Accounting Reports Generation

    Built-in real time call statistics and call accounting reports

    E-mail Integration

    Built-in POP3/SMTP compliant email-server serves as backup corporate e-mail server

    Advance Notification Service

    Multi-channel (telephone call, e-mail, pager, SMS) notification services e.g. new voice-mail notification, automatic system administration alerts

    Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

    Built in CTI capabilities to host / integrate with leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Able to interface to any ODBC compliant database

    Remote/Mobile Users

    Enables remote users to enjoy telecommunication facilities as if they are working from office

    Conference Bridge

    Supports high quality multi-party teleconferencing with automatic scheduling and notification

    Information Line/Automatic Announcement Service

    Supports multi-line announcement or information services

    Music on Hold

    Built-in CD Player, Audio input and music mixer


    Supports standard handsets and DECT cordless handsets

    Operator Console

    Software based operator console that runs on any Windows 98 or higher multi-media enabled PC

    Choice of color for casing

    Black or White


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