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1. What is CT and/or CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)?
2. What are the major differences between PowerX2011™ and PBX Systems/Solutions?
3. Is it easy to maintain PowerX2011™?
4. What is an Auto Attendant System?
5. Can I create my own Auto Attendant System?
6. How many Auto Attendant (AA) engines can I create in PowerX2011™?
7. How can PowerX2011™ Auto Attendant benefit an organization?
8. What is an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)?
9. Is Auto Attendant System same as IVR System?
10. In what ways can PowerX2011™ IVR System benefit my organization?
11. What are some examples of IVR applications?
12. What is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) System?
13. How can I form an ACD group in my organization?
14. What are the rules for call distribution in PowerX2011™ ACD System?
15. What are the unique ACD features in PowerX2011™?
16. What are the benefits of using an PowerX2011™ ACD System?
17. What is a Call Accounting System?
18. How is PowerX2011™ different from Third Party Call Accounting software ?
19. What are the benefits of using the PowerX2011™ Call Accounting Module?
20. What are the Call Accounting features available in PowerX2011™?
21. What is Unified Messaging?
22. What does PowerX2011™ Unified Messaging offer?
23. How does PowerX2011™ Unified Messaging services benefit the users?
24. What is Call Logging/Digital Conversation Recording System?
25. What are the benefits of PowerX2011™ Call Logging/Conversation Recording System?
26. How does PowerX2011™ provide a Competitive Advantage for Contact Centers?
27. What are the reports available in PowerX2011™?
28. What are the details included in the reports?
29. How useful are the call statistics for the Contact Center Manager ?
30. What is Multi Parties Conferencing?
31. What are the benefits of multi parties conferencing?
32. What is Multi Parties Call Queuing?
33. What is Call Back Request?
34. What is ‘Follow-me’ feature?
35. What is ‘Find-me’ feature?
36. What is Caller ID?
37. What is Caller ID on call waiting?
38. How is the business hour configuration useful to the organization?
39. What is Text-to-Speech Engine?
40. What is Speech Recognition (Voice Commands)?
41. What is Snooping/Online Monitoring?
42. What is the benefit of Snooping/Online Monitoring?
43. What is Background Music or Mixer Rooms?

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