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PowerX2011™ Communication Server integrated with IPX2011™ Voice over IP solutions allow any organization to conduct voice/fax/data transmission using any switched IP network. This can be via the public Internet, a private Intranet, frame-relay network, ATM, or any other form of IP transport.

This robust alternative to traditional switched telephone networks has resulted in tremendous cost savings for enterprises and consumers alike. This technology also promotes leading edge applications such as low cost international calling, enterprise networking of IP voice and remote telecommuting and cross border Contact Centers.

Benefit of IPX2011™
  • IP Network are transport independent and scalable
  • Improve network efficiency
  • Cost reduction across wide-area network
  • Cost reduction in long distance calls
  • Integration of voice, data and video capabilities in corporate web sites
  • Lower operating costs for service providers
  • Expand services and increase revenue
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