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What is MiniTel.Net™?

The MiniTel.Net™ is a powerful online real time screen-based console for operators and Contact Center agents. It is a PC-based graphical user interface that displays the call status of the telephone system and other information. Hence it is also a powerful monitoring tool for supervisors and managers. It is an independent product that works with telephone systems such as the powerful PowerX2011™ telecom server.

In today’s fast paced technological driven business world, communication is no longer confined to voice conversations. Text based communication and fax facilities are gaining popularity. If native equipments are used for these forms of communication, the operator will be physically stressed running around collecting faxes from the fax machine, attending to text chats and manning the telephone lines at the same time. These physical activities easily tire out the poor operator and form no part of his actual work; which is to handle incoming and outgoing communication.

The MiniTel.Net™ console empowers the users to send faxes, emails and carry out text chats, etc from a singular user interface. At the same time, he can also view the call status for availability of users before transferring calls to a specific user. In this way, he can put all his energy into carrying out his core function of managing communication.

Purpose of MiniTel.Net™

The main purpose of the MiniTel.Net™ console is to provide supervisors, managers and users alike with an effective online monitoring tool. It is an independent product that works with telephone systems such as the powerful PowerX2011™ telecom server. The information from the telephone system is thoroughly mined and arranged in graphical formats for the users’ convenience so that each user only sees what is relevant to his nature of work.

The MiniTel.Net™ console is able to capture and update the information real time so that the users always work with the most up-to-date set of information. Likewise, all users are also monitoring the latest progress of the flow of work.

Benefit of MiniTel.Net™
  • Lower cost of equipment: The MiniTel.Net™ console can be seamlessly integrated into telephone systems such as the PowerX2011™ telecom server so a separate system is not required in order for the incorporation of this optional product into such telephone systems. This means that there is no duplication of equipment and results in savings for the company from wastage of purchasing additional equipment.
  • Easy to learn: The design of the MiniTel.Net™ console is such that it is very user-friendly. As the learning curve is short, not much time is required to be set aside for training of users.
  • Ease of use: The design of the MiniTel.Net™ console is such that it is very user-friendly. Extensive use of consistent graphical symbols are used wherever possible to enable users to quickly recognize the latest call data from amongst the large amount of information provided.
  • User acceptability: As the MiniTel.Net™ console is very user-friendly, the deployed product will receive greater user acceptability.
  • Higher productivity: With the use of the MiniTel.Net™ console, users work from one common interface. Time required to move around the office to manage the communication from different sources is saved. As less physical activity is involved, users do not need to burn more energy, causing them to be less tired. These factors enable users to handle higher workloads.
  • Effective use of resources: The MiniTel.Net™ console can be incorporated into telephone systems such as the PowerX2011™ telecom server without duplication of equipment. Its effective use of resources makes the installation of the MiniTel.Net™ console space and cost efficient.
  • Less space required: As the MiniTel.Net™ console can be incorporated into the same machine as telephone systems such as the PowerX2011™ telecom server, the company does not need to provide for additional floor space to house the equipment. Given the high cost of rental, this translates to more savings for the company.
  • Extended coverage: The MiniTel.Net™ console can cover fax communication and text chat. It is not confined to voice communication only.
  • Better management control: The user or Contact Center agent can also communicate with internal staff via the same interface. The MiniTel.Net™ console can monitor call activities, record and listen to conversations. This gives management provides a more effective tool for management to evaluate agents’ performance and usage of resources.
  • Improved Staff Morale: With the supervision feature in the MiniTel.Net™ console, agents are given greater confidence in carrying out their work. Should they encounter difficult or rude customers, the system provides them with a tool which they can activate to protect themselves.
  • Performance: With an effective tool for management to control the performance of staff and a useful tool for agents to protect themselves, staff are more motivated to improve their performance.
  • Productivity: With improvement in performance, users such as Contact Center agents can handle more calls. The higher workload per user contributes to higher productivity.
  • Improved customer service: With the improvement in performance and higher productivity, customers can be served within a shorter time, thereby improving customer service.
  • Better customer relationship: Better management control also motivates staff to work harder to meet escalation deadlines. The improved customer service fosters better customer relationship.
  • Increased sales: Better customer relationship usually leads to customer loyalty which in turn snowballs to repeat orders and referral sales. This increases sales and profit to the company.
  • Higher return on investment: The increase in productivity leading to the lower costs of operation and the increase in income for the company from increased sales gives high returns on the investment of the optional MiniTel.Net™ console.
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    Features of MiniTel.Net™
  • login to the system
  • log out from the system
  • select from a choice of six (6) reasons when logging out from the system
  • view call queue
  • view incoming call details
  • view outgoing call details
  • view call status of users
  • view calls in the ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) queue
  • view messages
  • view call logs
  • send fax
  • effect text chat
  • request for supervision from all agents
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