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PowerSMS™ delivers the most complete and integrated wireless messaging platform with the reliability and performance you need for enhancing your business applications and Web sites with wireless messaging capabilities.

Short Message Service (SMS) is an effective and proven messaging mechanism for wireless communication. Currently, SMS is used mainly for personal communication. PowerSMS™ is a fully functional two-way messaging system to access online information using any wireless devices that support SMS via the GSM digital cellular telephone networks. Users interact with online applications by sending and receiving SMS messages. A novel session management system keeps the users connected to the online applications, giving them access to information and the ability to perform transactions without the expense associated with connection times. PowerSMS™ is designed to enable out-of-the-box deployment of SMS messaging channel to existing IT infrastructure for cellular command, control and communication.

Features of PowerSMS™
  • Interactive Messaging: enables instant 2 way communication with GSM based devices
  • External Software integration: exposes API calls for other application to activate messaging features. This allows for integration with accounting packages, system monitoring tools, security monitoring software etc.
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