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What is PowerX-BEANS™?

PowerX-BEANS™ is an automated intelligent escalation, alert and notification system that is fully integrated with PowerX.Net™ CRM and PowerX2011™ cores, providing organizations and Trust staff with information on tasks, events, alerts or emergency situations and service level failure when speed and effective communications are paramount. PowerX-BEANS™ automatically alerts all key strategic personnel or multi-level escalation groups (in your own and other Trusts) - relaying information only, or asking them to respond to an emergency, event, action or Job-ticket. PowerX-BEANS™ Escalations or Alerts are activated based on pre-defined or conditional service thresholds, specific events, schedules, programmable rules, remotely across the network, from a telephone or directly from the PowerX2011™ or PowerX.Net CRM systems. PowerX-BEANS™ also provides multi-level security when required. It is important for most Trusts to understand the effectiveness of their Major Events, Accident, Schedules, Job-tickets and/or Service level failure strategy. PowerX-BEANS™’s comprehensive audit trail allows full analysis of post Alert statistics.
3 Basic uses of PowerX-BEANS™

PowerX-BEANS™ refers to Multi-Channel Broadcasting, Escalation, Alerts & Notifications.
  • Escalation tool: It can be set linked to the PowerX2011™ and/or PowerX.Net™ CRM to monitor poor performance such as high level of abandoned calls, slow response times, service level failure, specific cases like VIP, etc.
  • Alerts: It can also be set linked to the PowerX.Net™ CRM and/or existing systems to automatically trigger events such as emergency, crisis, new job-ticket, low resources, etc.
  • Notification/Reminder tool: It can also be set linked to the PowerX.Net™ CRM scheduler and serve as a reminder tool for scheduled events and appointments.
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    Benefit of PowerX-BEANS™
  • Keep in touch with the people who can enhance - or save - your organization
  • Reduces reaction time
  • Always available - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Ensures your key strategic personnel are notified as soon as possible
  • Ensures your operational service levels are met as expected
  • Ability to measure speed of response
  • Enables Emergency, Crisis & Service level failure Alert exercises
  • Allows regular communication checks
  • Keeps your Major Incident & service level contingency plans up-to-date
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    Features of PowerX-BEANS™

    Standard Features

  • Alert - Any event, about which certain Trust personnel need to be informed
  • Contact - Any individual who may need to be contacted for a given Alert
  • Group - A Group is a collection of Contacts with common characteristics, for example, a department or escalation group within the Trust
  • Alert Activation - When an Alert has been activated, PowerX-BEANS™ brings together all Contacts included in the Alert
  • PowerX-BEANS™ supports multiple AND simultaneous Alerts which can also be prioritized
  • The Scheduling and Rostering module allows the scheduling of different Contacts for a Role dependant upon calendar entries
  • PowerX-BEANS™ Reporter is the application used to analyze post Alert statistics that are generated by PowerX-BEANS™ during an active Alert
  • PowerX-BEANS™ Watchdog communicates ensuring that PowerX-BEANS™ is running correctly, as well as advising whether or not the integrated links with PowerX2011™ and PowerX.Net™ CRM are available
  • Salient Features

  • Multimedia communication channels: As PowerX-BEANS™ is fully integrated with PowerX2011™ multimedia communications server thus it’s able to send notifications and alerts on multiple communication modes and mediums such as mobile phone, SMS, MMS, email, fax, Instant Message, VoIP, ususal trunk / tel. line
  • Notification lists: Many notification lists can be configured for different escalation levels to simplify the task of identifying persons to send escalations, alerts and/or reminders to.
  • User-friendly GUI: The administrator will be provided with a user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface) to empower him to create, revise or delete the lists of recipients as well as to add, revise or delete names to each list. The ease of use empowers the administrator to create notification lists without any formal training in programming.
  • Multiple Levels: Different levels of notifications such as escalations, alerts and reminders can be configured for different notification lists, escalation group and/or different communication channels to be used for example if a Customer’s case or request is not met within a specified time (service level), the first level escalation may reach the supervisor in-charge through the SMS. After the lapse of a specified duration, the second level escalation may reach the Managers or department head via Email.
  • Cost effectiveness: The wide range of communication channels/mediums supported enable the administrators to prioritize the types of notifications and decide on the most competitive channel to send each notification.
  • Improved service quality: The availability of the wide range of communication channels/medias positions the organization to meet the current communication trends of users. Not only does this improve efficiency, service quality and productivity, it also provides for greater mobility of limited operational staff.
  • Increased productivity: Automatic escalations and alerts and reminders keep the high performance of staff and operation and provide an effective tool for management to evaluate and control service quality standards.
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