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Companies often utilize the services of PowerX-TeleSales™ people to assist with follow-up phone calls and lead generation. In order to ensure they are as effective as possible, PowerX-iSales™ integrates with PowerX-TeleSales™, in order to provide the ability to create written scripts for the staff to follow. Account detail can be captured while reading the script and qualified leads may be automatically transferred to the appropriate sales representative or team.

Campaign Management

The system allows for hierarchical campaign structure where different events and offers can be monitored and tracked. Campaign status and results are monitored in real-time and automatic alerts can be programmed when certain key events are triggered.
List Management

The system allows for importing and filtering of customer lists from various data sources which are ODBC and JDBC compliant. Lists can be made public or private and the telesales system will automatically assign the members of the list to the relevant sales agent based on certain predefined criteria.
Predictive and Progressive Dialer

The tight integration with PowerX2011™ Communication Server allows built-in predictive dialing and progressive dialing capabilities. Higher outbound call efficiencies are achieved and the dialing parameters can be defined on an individual or group basis. This will allow agents from different experience and skill set to evolve and be more efficient and effective in selling.

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