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PowerX.Net™ [Development Tools] is the leading, cross-platform development and compiler environment for building industrial-strength enterprise Microsoft.NET and Java™ enabled Computer Telephony (CTI) applications.
PowerX.Net™ [Development Tools] simplifies Web and CTI development with intuitive visual designers and rapid deployment to leading .NET and J2EE™ platform application servers.
PowerX.Net™ [Development Tools] helps developers and large development teams become more efficient, and it meets the requirements of enterprise-scale project development with source code changes control.

PowerX.Net™ [Development Tools] provides key capabilities to capture the business requirements for an application and communicate them across the development team. Applications built from the PowerX.Net™ environment are scalable and reliable.

With the advent of XML based web services, PowerX.Net™ [Development Tools]  supports the latest XML protocol and web-based services. Developers are able to issue and control PowerX2011™ Communication Services through XML Messaging or direct API calls. A tightly integrated and unified visual environment simplifies the process of developing Web enabled CTI applications and reduces the learning curve. Shared HTML, XML and style-sheet editors make it easy to develop Web front ends applications. PowerX.Net™ [Development Tools] creates applications that are database independent. The development environment supports database connections to leading database servers such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, MS SQL, DB2 etc. It works with stored procedures, indexes, tables, triggers, user-defined functions and other database elements.
PowerX.Net™ [Development Tools] development environment allow developers to quickly and easily create test templates to test XML/ Web-CTI services or applications to verify performance and scalability. The PowerX.Net™ [Development Tools] Integrated Development Environment allows developers to organize the development process by annotating code, monitoring and quickly accessing errors and warnings.

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