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GrowHill International’s high-technology products help small to large multi-national companies automate and enhance the internal business processes that directly affect their relationship with customers, vendors, suppliers and business partners. GrowHill’s PowerX2011™ Communication Server serves as the foundation for enterprise solutions such as:-
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • By deploying these solutions, GrowHill’s customers have streamlining business processes, realized significant benefits and efficiencies in how they promote, sell and provide service to the people they do business with.

    Build It Or Buy It , The Choice Is Yours GrowHill’s products will provide companies and government agencies with the tools and business solutions needed to make the organization more efficient and deliver better service.

    Our customers have the option of building customized CRM, ERP or CRM applications with PowerX.NET™.

    The PowerX.NET™ is a rapid application development environment and compiler that enables developers to design and customize enterprise-level applications on PowerX2011™ Communication Server in a fraction of the time and cost of other solutions. It is developed based on the latest in web-based, distributed application technology such as Microsoft.Net application framework and the J2EE framework. Hence, it is fully compatible with Microsoft.Net and J2EE application framework. The Computer Telephony Integration API is built from the latest technology available in telephony and is designed from ground up to meet the PowerX2011™ Communication Server specifications.

    Build It

    GrowHill excels at integrating its core applications with existing systems on all sorts of platforms quickly, predictably, and globally. Enter at any point of our CRM, ERP or SCM lifecycle services and evolve your solution with our incremental approach.

    We have unsurpassed expertise in integrating with CRM, ERP and SCM applications regardless of whether it is on Windows 2009 or Unix database servers. We support Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 and MySQL database environment

    Our web-based applications can be deployed with minimum resources to either Microsoft.NET or on the J2EE based architecture.

    We leverage on our global presence with the capability for joint or global development. Our consultants are based in the country of operations and are constantly in touch the customer and industry. All our consultants have hands-on experience in developing and deploying PowerX2011™ Communication based solutions

    By deploying these solutions, GrowHill’s customers have streamlining business processes, realized significant benefits and efficiencies in how they promote, sell and provide service to the people they do business with.

    We help our customers to:
  • Develop and deliver CRM, ERP and SCM strategies that create value.
  • Increase the economic value of their brand.
  • Improve customer response to marketing campaigns, increasing up-selling and cross-selling success.
  • Reduce costs in inventory management, product life cycle management and improve workflows
  • Make your approach to customer interactions a competitive advantage.
  • Transform the quality and profit margins for customer service.
  • Predict and contain operating costs.
  • Adjust capacity to meet demand
  • We take pride in delivering on-time, on-budget solutions. We strongly believe in knowledge transfers and actively mentor our clients, so they can support and evolve their solution on their own.

    Buy It

    PowerX2011™ Relationship Management platform

    The PowerX2011™ Relationship Management platform consists of a set of pre-built applications that automate and enhance your Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Field Force business functions. This platform is built from the PowerX.NET™ development environment.

    The platform supports multi-channel communication and relationship management. It manages contact history from telephone calls, E-mail, fax, SMS, web-chat and Voice Over IP.

    PowerX Relationship Management Platform comprise of the following modules:

  • PowerX-iSales™, PowerX-iMarketing™
  • PowerX-iService™ & iSupport™ and
  • PowerX Mobile Relationship Manager™
  • The Application Suite is the first ready-to-use web-based Customer Relationship Management solution that offers comprehensive functionality and flexibility at an affordable price. Built with the same award winning technology used in the PowerX.NET™, the Application Suite incorporates a user friendly interface and functionality that is traditionally only found in higher end products costing thousands of dollars more. Seamless integration between the sales, marketing and customer service applications allows your staff to share vital information throughout the enterprise and enables them to more effectively respond to customer needs or inquiries.

    The strength of the product comes not only from its comprehensive functionality, but from its seamless integration with the PowerX2011™ Communication Server, rapid deployment, ease of use and low cost of ownership - three of the most important criteria for the selection and successful implementation of a CRM solution.

    PowerX2011™ Relationship Management platform – PowerX-iSales™

    Sales professionals need more than contact management to manage complex sales cycles. PowerX-iSales™ provides your sales organization with a proven methodology for efficiently managing the sales process.

    Pre-defined views allow the sales team to quickly review new leads and existing opportunities, schedule follow-up meetings or activities, and provide management with consistent and accurate forecasts. Automatic alerts and reminder services are available via SMS and e-mail to notify the sales team of critical events and tasks.

    By providing immediate access to complete customer profiles and account history, your sales team can respond more quickly to customer requirements resulting in increased revenues and customer satisfaction PowerX-iSales™ also supports the unique requirements of a mobile sales staff by synchronizing with mobile databases and hand held devices.

    Opportunity Management

    PowerX-iSales™ allows each Sales Representative to quickly identify new opportunities and to schedule meetings, To-Dos, or follow-up activities. Each activity on the account is maintained as an historical record that can be accessed at any time.

    Seamless integration to the web enables the Sales Representative to immediately capture important information about the opportunity.

    A built-in organization chart helps the Sales Representative identify and keep track of key players involved in the sales cycle. It also enhances internal and external communication.

    One of the core strengths of the Sales application is its built-in sales methodology. This customizable program enables each sales representative to follow a structured approach to managing the sales cycle. It provides sales managers with the status of each opportunity, enabling them to assist their staff with advice and counsel. This results in more complete and accurate sales forecasts.

    A sales funnel provides an analysis of pipeline activity measuring how effective a sales representative or sales team is in meeting their assigned quota. This funnel assumes you have created a specific quota for each stage of the sales cycle and highlights problem areas that need to be addressed.

    Knowledge Base/Document Library

    The Knowledge Base/Document Library enables the sales team to store documents that are often sent to prospects and customers on a regular basis. Product brochures, press releases, newsletters, testimonials or PDF files may be stored, selected and sent on demand. This significantly improves sales productivity and shortens the sales cycle.

    Business Process Automation

    Most CRM systems do a good job of capturing and storing information but don't really assist the sales team with becoming more effective. PowerX-iSales™ automated business processes enable the automation of an organization's best practices and ensure that leads, prospects, and customers are contacted on a regular basis. Tagging of accounts for follow-up activity such as automated letters, emails or reminders may be sent to specific accounts based on their status.


    Pre-defined reports are available for 30/60/90 day forecast, open forecast, and forecast by individual Sales Representative. Actual sales results are compiled and measured against forecast results on 30/60/90 or full year forecast.

    Analysis and Reporting

    Reporting is a key component of the Sales application. A series of pre-defined reports are available for individual sales representatives and sales management. Access control by user ID, department, division and access type is available to restrict the report access to relevant users.

    Reports can be graphical or textual with the ability to generate web-based reports. Automatic report printing and transmission are also built-in to this platform.

    In addition to a series of pre-defined reports, PowerX-iSales™ leverages on the industrial standard report writer, Crystal Reports, to allow sales representatives and management to create a variety of customized sales reports.


    Companies often utilize the services of Tele-Sales people to assist with follow-up phone calls and lead generation. In order to ensure they are as effective as possible, PowerX-iSales™ integrates with PowerX-Telesales™, in order to provide the ability to create written scripts for the staff to follow. Account detail can be captured while reading the script and qualified leads may be automatically transferred to the appropriate sales representative or team.

    Campaign Management

    The system allows for hierarchical campaign structure where different events and offers can be monitored and tracked. Campaign status and results are monitored in real-time and automatic alerts can be programmed when certain key events are triggered. List Management The system allows for importing and filtering of customer lists from various data sources which are ODBC and JDBC compliant. Lists can be made public or private and the telesales system will automatically assign the members of the list to the relevant sales agent based on certain predefined criteria. Although voicemail is now a basic offering for any telephone system, it is not an inherent part of the traditional PABX system. It is an external add-on to the traditional PABX system. In order to include voicemail functions, a voicemail server need to be installed on a separate and proprietary computer telephony (CT) box. It also requires dedicated phone lines to the main PABX system.

    List Management

    The system allows for importing and filtering of customer lists from various data sources which are ODBC and JDBC compliant. Lists can be made public or private and the telesales system will automatically assign the members of the list to the relevant sales agent based on certain predefined criteria.

    Predictive and Progressive Dialer
    The tight integration with PowerX2011™ Communication Server allows built-in predictive dialing and progressive dialing capabilities. Higher outbound call efficiencies are achieved and the dialing parameters can be defined on an individual or group basis. This will allow agents from different experience and skill set to evolve and be more efficient and effective in selling.

    Mobile Sales

    PowerX-iSales™ realizes that most organizations have field sales or service personnel that require access to their data when on the road.

    It interfaces with the PowerX Mobile Relationship Manager to deliver field CRM services to all the sales team.

    A robust synchronization engine assures that they are able to update and retrieve information via a laptop or a hand held device. Real time access through GPRS and GSM enabled PDAs are also supported.

    PowerX2011™ Relationship Management platform


    In today's competitive environment, it is vital that your marketing staff continue to measure and improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Marketing executives are no longer only concerned with sending out e-mail, direct mail or running seminars and trade shows. They are challenged with building the quality and value of their customer relationships. Commence Marketing will provide your organization with a solution that will ensure you optimize strategies for customer acquisition, retention and cross selling.

    Learn more about Commerce Marketing.

    Campaign Management

    Every growing business is looking for an effective vehicle to introduce their product or service to a targeted group of potential customers. These programs, whether seminars, direct mail or e-mail campaigns, must be properly planned, designed and executed by the marketing team. PowerX iMarketing™ will assist you with this process by automating and managing each component of the campaign launch.


    Effective marketing programs always require specific objectives and a forecasted budget. PowerX iMarketing™ allows you to track each item and cost for the program so that you may compare the actual cost to your initial budget. This allows you to track activity during the campaign and make informed decisions about how to proceed.

    Performance Monitoring

    Smaller businesses often launch marketing campaigns without the ability to properly track the effectiveness of the program. PowerX iMarketing™ will allow you to monitor the performance of each campaign - forecast potential responses, return rates and expected results. This helps determine the effectiveness of the campaign.

    Data Warehouse

    The data warehouse allows the sales and marketing organization to store internally or externally purchased prospect lists. These lists are used for tele-sales, bulk e-mail or marketing campaigns.


    PowerX iMarketing™ also offers the ability to automatically schedule and launch personalized bulk e-mail campaigns to prospects, customers and other people you do business with. This capability significantly expedites lead generation and lead response while saving your company thousands of dollars in direct mail cost.

    Analysis & Reporting

    Pre-designed reports assist the marketing team with managing the campaign and lead generation process. A report writing capability with WYSIWYG printing allows the marketing organization to create a variety of analytical reports.

    PowerX-iService™ & iSupport™

    Customers are your lifeline, which is why you need to respond instantly when they call for assistance. The quality and timeliness of your response is often a competitive differentiator. In order to provide world-class customer service, your support staff must have immediate access to customer records and be able to manage, share, and synchronize information with in-house or mobile field service personnel. Commence Customer Support offers a comprehensive solution that will enable your support team to efficiently capture, track, manage, escalate and resolve customer issues with the greatest of care.

    Learn more about Commerce customer support

    Case/Ticket Management

    Providing quality customer service starts with the ability to capture vital information. Immediately upon receipt of a service inquiry, the PowerX Mobile iSupport™ & iService™ system goes to work. Every customer report is assigned a case ID. One or more service ticket numbers will be assigned, along with a date, time of call, call duration and details of the service inquiry. This enables the support team to track and manage problem resolution and maintains service call history. Performance Monitoring

    Smaller businesses often launch marketing campaigns without the ability to properly track the effectiveness of the program. PowerX iMarketing™ will allow you to monitor the performance of each campaign - forecast potential responses, return rates and expected results. This helps determine the effectiveness of the campaign.

    Contract Management

    Before providing customer care, service representatives need to insure that the customer has a valid service agreement. A single click provides a service representative with complete details of the service contract, such as the level of service, length of the contract, expiration date, and associated billing rates.

    Knowledge Base

    An integrated Knowledgebase is a key component to providing timely and accurate customer service. PowerX Mobile iSupport™ & iService™ makes it easy with a multiple key word capability that enables the support team to quickly identify the problem resolution and attach it to the service ticket.

    Problem Resolution

    A mail merge capability linked to the Knowledgebase allows a problem resolution to be immediately sent to the customer via fax or email. This provides timely response to customer inquiries and enhances customer satisfaction.

    Alerts and Notifications

    Users can define the key events in which automatic alerts and notification occurs. Alerts can be transmitted either through SMS, e-mail or pager.

    Business Process Automation

    The PowerX Mobile iSupport™ & iService™ System incorporates automated business processes that significantly enhance the productivity of the service and support team. The processes are designed to automate routine or repetitive service tasks that traditionally require human intervention. Some examples are: welcome letters, automated email responses, service policy updates, tips and techniques, service ticket status and automated service contract renewal notices.

    Analysis & Reporting

    Pre-defined reports help the support staff manage the daily interaction with their customers. A report writer with WYSIWYG printing allows the team and management to create a variety of reports in different formats.

    PowerX2011™ Enterprise Relationship Management platform

    PowerX2011™ ERP solutions integrates tightly with leading ERP packages to provide integrated communication and applications services for:
  • Financials
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile Business
  • Digital Marketplace
  • Our ERP integration solutions gain competitive market advantages for our clients, including:
  • Streamlined communications with customers, suppliers, employees, and partners for enhanced satisfaction of your entire audience
  • Accelerated product and service implementation cycles for time-to-market advantage
  • Workforce optimization, automation, and self-service
  • Reduced consulting costs and risks associated with new technologies
  • PowerX2011™ Supply Chain Management Solutions

    PowerX2011™ Supply Chain Management Solutions (SCM) manages the planning, execution, and management of events that creates supply chain excellence. The intelligent design coupled with the seamless integration to multi-channel communication platform enables your organization to operate supply chain networks more efficiently and reach customers more effectively.

    PowerX SCM covers supply chain planning, execution, and collaboration. Our consultants broad industry experience delivers complete supply chain solution.

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