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What is Snooping?

Online monitoring of phone conversations or Snooping is used for monitoring real time conversation between one extension and another party without interrupting the call. Management and supervisors need to know if their staff are using office equipment for official business and not using them for their personal gains. Management also wants to be sure that no person is disclosing trade secrets to business rivals or competitors. Online monitoring of phone conversations is also used for assessing employees’ performance.

Online monitoring/Snooping can be used in any industry but is commonly used in the following types of organizations:

  • Contact Centers
  • financial centers including banks, stock brokerages, etc
  • international multinational companies
  • research centers
  • highly sensitive departments within a company
  • A traditional telephone system, such as a PABX, does not have any online monitoring or Snooping module, feature or sub-system. A traditional Snooping device is also known as a wiretapping device. The device is separate from the PABX and can be attached to any telephone line, extension line or the telephone instrument. The conversation is acquired at the wiretap and can be transmitted over another wire pair, using a radio frequency (RF) transmitter, stored on a tape recorder or any of these combinations. The target telephone line can also be bridge-tapped to any available wire pair within the same junction box. To extend the listening post away from the bridge tap and the target, a wire pair that travels to a distant location is used.
    The range of wiretapping devices available in the market is quite wide. The four basic types are:
  • RF transmitter wiretap
  • slave parallel wiretap
  • infinity transmitter
  • inductive wiretap
  • The RF transmitter tap technique is the most common. A separately purchased RF transmitter is attached to a telephone line, extension line or within the telephone instrument. The audio fluctuations from the telephone conversation modulate the transmitter carrier and transmit the conversation into the air. These signals are picked up by another wire pair and stored on a tape recorder.

    An infinity transmitter is installed in the target area, commonly as house monitors. It uses the telephone line to transmit the room audio out. The wiretapping is activated with a tone signal by making a call from a dedicated remote telephone line.

    A popular wiretap device with the police and professional eavesdroppers, the slave parallel wiretap operates similarly to the infinity transmitter with the additional of a parallel wiretap. The device requires a standard working telephone line located in the same cable, cross-connect or closet as the target line. The slave is attached anywhere along the target phone line. Both lines are connected to the slave. The listener calls his dedicated phone line and activates the slave by connecting the eavesdropper phone line to the target phone line. This method allows eavesdropping on the target phone line from anywhere in the world.

    Another popular wiretap used by industry professionals, the inductive tap is achieved by bringing a coil into the electro-magnetic field created by the current fluctuations during a phone conversation. These fluctuations are amplified in order to recover the target conversations. The split/resplit inductive wiretap is the safest from accidental detection or location by telephone company. It also produces excellent audio recovery. It is accomplished by rewiring the target telephone line to induce conversational audio into the eavesdropper telephone line.

    Some telephone wiretaps can last quite long. For instance a series RF tap or leach is powered by the telephone line and, therefore, does not require frequent battery changes. Some, such as the drop-in, can be installed within seconds. This popular RF series wiretap device is built onto the back of a carbon microphone which is typically found in most telephone instrument handsets.

    The PowerX2011™ telecom server has an online monitoring or Snooping facility within its rich set of built-in Feature Access Digits. The Feature Access Digits are configured into the PowerX2011™ telecom server via a user-friendly System Configuration interface. No programming is required.

    A separate Feature Access Digit is used for each of the two modes of online monitoring/Snooping. The online monitoring/Snooping features available are :
  • tapping of one specific extension
  • tapping of an entire work group
  • When an authorized user wishes to listen to the conversation of a specific extension, he enters the number of the extension he wishes to listen to. If there is an ongoing conversation between the extension user and another party, the authorized user can immediately listen to the real time conversation in confidence. If the extension is not in use, the system will send a busy tone to the listener.
    When an authorized user wishes to monitor the conversation of a work group or automatic call distribution (ACD) group comprising a group of extensions, he enters the number of the pilot extension of the work group he wishes to listen to. If all the extensions in the work group are not online, the system will signal a busy tone. If at least one member of the extension is on the line, the user will hear the real time conversation immediately. Once the listener is able to hear the ongoing conversation of at least one extension, he can use the “ # “ and “ * “ keys on the keypad of his handset to snoop to the next or previous extension respectively which is active or online.

    Benefit of Snooping

    The purpose of Online Monitoring/Snooping is to monitor employees. The Online Monitoring/Snooping module in the PowerX2011™ telecom server can support all organizations; regardless of size.
  • Reduction of costs: The presence of Online Monitoring/Snooping discourages employees from abusing company facilities.
  • Improved performance: Online Monitoring/Snooping motivates employees to perform better as supervisors can listen to their phone conversations with customers and correct any shortcoming in their performance. This is particularly useful for employees whose main duty is to answer telephone enquiries or telemarketers.
  • Increased productivity: As the With improved performance, staff can handle more calls per person and increase productivity.
  • Security: As the With Online Monitoring/Snooping, companies have greater assurance that their trade secrets are safe as they can monitor employees and prevent unwitting or fraudulent disclosures.

  • Features of Snooping
  • Tapping of Specific Extension: The snooping facility within the PowerX2011™ telecom server provides more than one method of online monitoring. The supervisor can select any extension to listen in to the live conversation.
  • Tapping of Entire Workgroup: Another snooping option available is the ability to tap an entire workgroup. A workgroup comprises more than one extension.
  • All-ways Tapping: Tapping of conversations both ways is enabled.
  • Console-free Invocation: Supervisors can activate the snooping facility from an extension and do not need to invoke from a console.
  • Station Independence: The online snooping can be activated from any phone extension and is not confined to specified stations.
  • Ease of Use: The supervisor only need to enter a given code and the extension number to listen to the live conversation.
  • Easy Setup: An intuitive GUI (graphic user interface) is provided for administrators to easily configure and assign Snooping codes to authorized persons without any programming required.
  • Long Hours of Recording: It can record a minimum of 12,000 hours of voice recording with an option to upgrade to 24,000 hours. This makes the recording feature highly reliable.
  • Marking of Calls: When used with the Minitel™, the Contact Center agent or CSR (customer service representative) can quietly mark a call for help. This alerts the Supervisor to snoop into this call.
  • Hassle-free Navigation: During online monitoring of workgroup, supervisors can easily navigate from one extension to the next by pressing a button.
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