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iMatriX2011™ (Real-Time Transport Protocol Matrix) is a Web-enabled Contact Center Solution which provides a powerful multimedia communication over Internet. It features the latest technology in IP telephony that enables full multimedia communication over IP, on-line document sharing, web conference, web meetings, chat sessions and many more functionality.

For example, a customer who is surfing on the Company’s web site for technical support and has a question related to a particular topic. This person clicks on the icon for “live agent” and is presented with a few options. The customer is given the choice to initiate a choice of communication channels ranging from Internet Chat, Voice over IP to full multimedia functionality. Customer service or telesales representative can then guide the customer through the web site or explain and sell products live over the Internet. The representative is able to share the same view of the Web page as the customer and is able provide guidance on-line to the customer. The representative can also push other documents over the Internet like product brochures and user guide manuals to the customer’s browser screen and further explain the contents of this document.

For Multi-national Companies, they can leverage on iMatriX2011™ for web conference or meeting, thereby using free bandwidth of their corporate internet server.

PowerX2011™, iMatriX2011™ and IPX2011™ form an integrated suite of enterprise telephony applications that allow customers and employees to obtain information, communicate, collaborate and conduct transactions through the Internet, Intranet, public or private networks anytime and from anywhere.

Benefit of iMatriX2011™