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What PowerX2011™ Multi-media Communication Server can do for your operation ?

Businesses have long recognized the value of customer service to enriching the company offers. From the customer's perspective, the Contact Center is the window to the company. In these days of electronic gizmos, very often, it is the only and most frequent point of contact the customer has with the company. Hence the customer experience from this sole interaction venue cannot be undermined.

GrowHill International understands the importance and requirements of a successful call center as it works with Contact Center with thousands of agents position themselves to handle the large volume of calls everyday. With its unique and powerful PowerX2011 telecom server, GrowHill International provides cost-effective reliable one-stop comprehensive solution to all Contact Centers(both inbound and outbound), regardless of size.

PowerX2011™ is a fully integrated and unified Contact Center platform that provides and manages all the following powerful and unique features to your Contact Centers:

Rule Based Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) with capability of defining a wide varieties and criteria for the Call Distribution like Language, Skills, etc.

Intelligent Automatic Event Distribution (AED) that enables your Contact Centers to handle multi-channel communication from normal voice calls to Email, Fax, SMS, Web Chat, VoIP, and Voicemail. Your customers can contact you with their convenient communication channel and you can serve them much more efficiently. It also provides capability to define a wide varieties and criteria for the Events Distribution.

Unlimited Multi-Lingual Interactive Voice Response Engines (IVR) with powerful CTI functionality, which can query and link to your backend databases to create dynamic automated services like phone banking.

Unlimited Web Based Multi-Lingual Interactive Voice Response Engines

Multi-Lingual Speech Technology (Text-To-Speech and Speech Recognition)

High Quality & High Capacity Digital Conversation Recording – Voice Logging

Centralized Contact Center Solution that provides facilities to handle calls & events from multi-geographical offices and braches (located off-site)

Web Enabled Contact Center Solution including Call to Live Agent via VoIP, Web Chat, Document Sharing and Co. Browsing.

Call Blending

Callback Service which gives the customer (caller) the option of booking a callback instead of waiting on the line for the next available agent. Using this service, the system will automatically call the customer as soon as the agent is available. This not only saves the customer's time but also free up the phone lines of the company.

Built-in Passing Token Technology to provide centralized Contact Center solution

Overflow Management

Shift Rotation and built-in multiple shifts management.

Intelligent Queue Manager, based on GrowHill’s unique IntelliQue™ technology.


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