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PowerX2011™ is a fully integrated and unified Contact Center platform that provides and manages all the following powerful and unique features to your call centers:

Dynamic Call Flow Processing Unit based on GrowHill’s unique DCPU™ technology.

Advertising prompts on-hold.

Information Line

Multi Carrier and Multi Currency Call Accounting

Least Cost Routing – Automatically routes the dialed number for IDD calls to the cheapest available telecom carrier at the time of dialing.

Dedicated Voice Engines per communication ports (Trunks, Extensions, VoIP, etc.). Unlike the PABX solutions, there are no more limitations in the voice engine resources (due to limited number of voice ports). Now, you can enjoy one-to-one resources.

Powerful, flexible and robust Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), which links your communication channels to your backend databases and provides features like screen popup with customers’ profile, contact history and/or any other useful information as well as CRM link, etc.

Call Statistics, Analytical and Management Reports and Graphs based on industry standard Crystal - Report Generator®

Video Wall Display - Graphical Contact Center Statistics & Monitoring

Powerful Multi-Media Agent Console/Platform on PC

Screen Popup

Fully Integrated Browser/Internet based CRM platform/solution that provide you an End-To-End solution.

Built-in Automated Training Module/Feature

Real-Time Call and Agent Monitoring Facilities (Interruptible and Uninterruptible)

Session Transfer and Monitoring Feature

Conference Bridge - Multi-Party Tele-Conferencing (up to 50 parties per conference room over 50 conference rooms)

Dynamic Agent / Hot-Desk

Virtual Agent

Multi-Task Agent

External Extension/Mobile Agent

Remote Agent – Located in Remote or home Offices

Agents’ Login and Logout facility with providing 6 definable Logout Reasons to track the reason of unavailability of agents in the Contact Center.

Progressive and Predictive Dialer based on GrowHill’s unique and new generation of PowerDialer™ technology

Call Scripts and Automated Call Guide

Out-bound and In-bound Campaign Management.

Powerful Knowledge Base Search Engines

Powerful Unified Messaging System that provides, handles and manages all kind of messaging protocols including email, fax, SMS, Voicemail, web chat and instant messages like ICQ

Real-Time Service Quality Measurement feature.

Real-Time Traffic and Response Time Measurement feature.

Automatic Productivity Measurement and Management feature

Automated Intelligent Alerting Feature.

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