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PowerX2011™ is a fully integrated and unified Contact Center platform that provides and manages all the following powerful and unique features to your call centers:

Automated Intelligent Multi-Channels Notification Feature via Email, SMS, Fax, Pager and Voice Call

Centralize data and transaction management.

Real-Time Intelligent Mixer Rooms and Professional voice prompts generation, which on spot can mix your voice prompts with any music sources like CD-Player, Radio, MP3, etc. to create dynamic and pleasant music background for your IVR and advertising prompts on-hold. Thus, if you change your music source, the music background of your IVR and advertising prompts will change, automatically.

Automatic Fail Management and Fail Transfer Feature.

100% Redundancy Management on system fails, for all the modules and functionalities of the system.

Less than 2 Hours Disaster Recovery for all the modules and functionality of the system (In case of total damage to the entire system including its redundant)

Intelligent Watchdog to track your pre-defined Contact Center activities.

Intelligent Audit Trail that keeping track of every access, activity and transactions.

User-Friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) for agent and operator consoles as well as administrator that can be run on Ms-Windows® 95, 98, NT, 2009, XP and above.

Built-in advanced network security with related trustees and access rights managements.

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The PowerX2011™ CRM/Telesales Agent Module bridges the gap between the user’s PC and Telephone System.

It plugs into the existing LAN/WAN and provides very powerful Client -Server functionality. The Agent software supports all  Microsoft Windows client environment and acts as a console to access all the features of PowerX2011™. 

In addition to providing sophisticated call management, PowerX2011™ also provides another powerful integral component for the Contact Center, Customer Service and Help Desk market. Backend systems/application servers will be integrated into the PowerX2011™ engine using specialized links. PowerX2011™ open architecture supports easy integration to backend system/application servers.

Application 1 ...

Customer screen synchronization (screen pop) is an excellent example of this type of integration. Using Automated Agent, PowerX2011™ engine captures pertinent information about each caller and uses that information to look up unique information about the caller stored in the company’s host database (Host Computer). This information is then simultaneously delivered to the agent’s workstation computer. Agents are able to much efficiently respond to calls, while improving both agent’s productivity and customer service level.


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