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PowerX-BMS™ is a fully integrated all-in-one, advanced Branch Management System with multi-channel appointments/queue bookings, displays, notifications and reminders capabilities. Herewith below is the summary of its advanced features:
1- Multi-Channel Queue Booking:
  1. Via Internet/Intranet - Webpage
  2. Via Physical Queue Button in Customer service counters
  3. Via SMS
  4. Via IVR (Telephone automated service)
  5. Via Email
2- Multi-Channel Queue Display:
  1. Via LED Display panel
  2. Via Network / Standalone Computer/s Monitor
  3. Via Plasma or LCD or Flat or Normal TV/s
  4. Via Internet/Intranet Webpage
3- Queue Ticket Printing:
  1. Via Queue Ticket Printers in Servicing branches / Customer service counters
  2. Via any Network or standalone Printer/s
  3. Printing format and template can be changed from time-to-time by authorized users via its State-of-the-arts web-based administration program.
4- Advertising Messages:
  1. Printed on the Queue Tickets via Queue Ticket Printer/s.
  2. Displayed on the Multi-Channel Queue Display (Item#2 above)
  3. Displayed on and/or send by the Multi-Channel Queue Booking Interfaces (Item#1 above).
  4. Adv. format and template can be changed from time-to-time by authorized users via its State-of-the-arts web-base administration program.
5- Calling Queue Numbers by users / Client Access:
  1. By Telephone Handset
  2. By Auto-Hiding Program on users' computer (This user friendly interface is hiding itself and display as only one small "ICON" in the "StatusBar" of the "Windows™" near to the "Time". Users can easily move their mouse over this ICON and a small window (Just above the "Windows Time" will popup where users can:
    b.1) Call for the next queue.
    b.2) See the queue traffics.
    b.3) See queues of different categories (if any).
    b.4) and many more...
6- Multi-Channel Queue/Customer Notifications and Reminders
It notifies the customer (via the following channels) when his turn is approaching.
  1. Via SMS
  2. Via Automated Phone Calls
  3. Via Email
  4. Via Multi-Channel Queue Displays (Item #2 above)
7- Statistics Reporting
  1. Traffics, Response Time, Attendance Durations and Statistics Reports and Graphs based on Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
  2. Statistics Comparison reports base on Time-Range of the day, day of the week, day of the month and month of the year.
  3. Users/Agents Statistics and Activities Reports.
  4. State-of-the-arts web base Report generator program.
8- State-of-the-arts Open Standard Integration Engine
  1. It provides state-of-the-arts robust, powerful and open-standard CTI engine for seamless integration with multimedia communications systems, contact centre solution and any other IT solutions (CRM, ERP, etc) via Web-Service, Message- Queue (MQ), Standard XML, Voice-XML and TCP/IP socket communication.
  2. It’s seamlessly integrated with PowerX multimedia Communications Server, PowerX Contact Centre Solution as well as PowerX.Net CRM (Galaxy).
  3. It can easily configure to provide advanced solutions such as Screen Popup of customer profiles and transaction histories.
9- State-of-the-arts SOA Engine (Service Oriented Architecture)
  1. It has been designed with a powerful Service Oriented Architecture DNA to deliver the utmost service quality and monitoring for your operation.
  2. It’s seamlessly integrated with PowerX-SOA and PowerX-Beans to provide multilevel multimedia escalation and intelligent KPI (Key Performance Indicators monitoring and management solutions.

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